12. November 2018
The city hall is the central hub of the city administration and acts as an interface between the city and its citizens. Digitization can do much at this important hub. The digital city hall can facilitate citizens' lives through modern technologies, make the work of the administration more efficient and improve the quality of the location for companies. We have put together few applications for you.

09. November 2018
In the very near future, one can be capable to monitoring every device which is in his vicinity. For example, we can manage the wastewater pumping station to the construction site equipment and animals too, everything can be networked, monitored, controlled and evaluated. In order to get the data monitored, a suitable transmission technology for machines (and animals) is needed. It should have long ranges and also the capability to penetrate well through walls in order to get data from the last...

17. October 2017
Noone knows a street better than the people living in it. They notice lots of little things that could be better. The glass recycling box is always full, there's trash in some corner, graffiti, new street bumps etc. They wouldn't normally report these small problems as it's too much work. Therefore many problems that could easily be resolved don't get resolved. Some cities have introduced apps to make issues easier to report for citizens - with mixed success. Here's how the successful ones work.

11. October 2017
2nd part of the Milton Keynes blog. I really like the motion map and the information made available through it. It's all about movement of vehicles, pedestrians, and others. How busy are streets, buses, shops, parking lots, etc. - immensely valuable information for shop owners, citizens and visitors. Click for more information.

06. October 2017
Milton Keynes in the UK has discovered the importance and usefulness of data and connectivity. They created an open Data Hub as nucleus for innovation from universities, companies and citizens. It runs a number of highly innovative projects and has won several smart city awards. A number of these project are interesting for towns and cities elsewhere - we will showcase them here. Part 1 - the data hub.

05. September 2017
The Center for European Economic Studies found that companies with high digital capabilities survive economic crises much better than those with low digital capabilities. What does that mean, and why is that the case?

29. August 2017
Design Thinking sounds like a methodology for designers, for making things look pretty. But it is a way to develop new products, processes, or business models, starting with the user and integrating the user more than before. Therefore it is very well suited to try out new business models, but it requires traditional companies to rethink their culture.

23. August 2017
Autonomous cars in and around Düsseldorf. After a Bavarian Autobahn Düsseldorf is building the next test area for autonomous driving. Digital transformation live for people to see. This should reduce people's reservations.

13. August 2017
The Internet of Things are things that communicate with things. Unified Communications are people that communicate with people. However, to optimise business processes, things and people have to communicate and interact, in a way that both understand. Therefore IoT and UCC have to merge.