Improve customer service while saving costs at the same time - proactive remote maintenance

remote maintenance, cost reduction

An international, medium sized company sells machines that handle medical samples that are very sensitive to temperature changes and dirt. By equipping their machines with sensors and connectivity, unplanned outages were reduced by 40% and on-site engineer visits were reduced by 33%.

Problem Statement

Customer's problem: Any slight issue with the machine, i.e. temperature too high, can destroy valuable samples.

Manufacturer's problem: high maintenance cost, product has no USPs and prices can be easily compared against competition.



The solution is a unique combination of technology, organisational and process changes, created specifically for this manufacturer, combined with a transformation of the sales approach. The machines are now connected to the company's newly implemented Internet of Things platform, and constantly report their most important parameters to that platform. If those parameters leave certain ranges of values, the platform can switch off the machine automatically. Therefore, no more samples are destroyed. 

At the same time all technical and maintenance personnel on the phone or on the ground have access to all machine data, so that most issues can be resolved remotely over the phone. Even proactive maintenance has become possible and simple. 

Sales have then been trained in selling the drastically improved availability of the machines and the extremely good customer service as USPs.



  • Revenue growth through USPs and improved service. 40% reduction in unplanned outages.
  • Cost reduction: 33% less engineer visits at customer sites.