Cost savings via measuring fill level and smell

sensor technology, cost reduction

Trash bins are usually emptied at a regular pattern. That is inefficient for the authorities and companies, and sometimes unpleasant for customers. Bins that inform their owners about their fill level are an interesting solution.

Problem Statement

Customer Problem: some trash bins are overflowing, trash is spread all around them and there is a very unpleasant smell.

Company / Authority problem: Some bins are almost empty when the bin collection happens, which creates unnecessary costs.

Citizens' problem: Trash collection fees are unfair, because people who generate a lot of waste are generally charged the same as those who generate little waste.



The bins are equipped with fill level and smell sensors and connected to an Internet of Things platform. When a certain fill level is reached, or a smell problem is detected, the bin notifies the platform that it needs to be emptied. Efficient routing software now adds this bin to the next tour of the garbage collector.



More efficient garbage collection and much happier customers.