Introduction to ECBM Connected Business Models

Business Model Consulting

Everyone is talking about Digital Transformation, and it's on every billboard. There are big policital agendas on it and conferences about it, and everyone has an opinion on it. However, in Europe, it's still mostly large corporates that use Digital Transformation to optimise their processes and create new business models. Add to that a few startups, mostly from outside of Europe, that disrupt established players and industries, like Netflix, Uber, or AirBnB.


It is our mission to help SMEs to use the new technologies that are available to them, i.e., the Internet of Things and other digital technologies, to survive in this new competitive situation. Digital transformation enables SMEs to become as efficient as a large corporate and as agile as a startup. You don't have to be the biggest to be the best in your industry.

Jointly with our customers, we identify which of the new technologies can best support them, and which new business model is best for them. Every company is unique, so together we create a taylor made solution for the business, and calculate the business case.


If an Internet of Things or Digital Transformation project is the right investment for you, we implement the project for you. Our experienced project managers run the project and manage all third parties that might be involved. As these projects are never just technology projects, it is crucial to involve all departments. We are very experienced in change management across all parts of an organisation. Changes in sales and channel management are a frequent outcome of Digital Transformation projects, which is one of our special areas of expertise.

Daily Operations

Not all our customers have the resources or the expertise to make full use of their Internet of Things solution after implementation. To ensure our customers get full return on investment, we run the new solution for them, so that they can focus on their daily business. We ensure that your data is fully utilised, the solution remains relevant and up to date, and that you are always aware of innovations in your industry. We work with you to ensure that the knowledge from your solution is always fully utilised to optimise your business processes. 

Which business model is right for your company? Let's find out. Email us at or call us at +49 2132 5100160. We jointly develop solutions that will give you and your company a head start.


Connected Business Models - as unique as your company.