Industry 4.0 and IoT Solutions for SME. We support the development and implementation of your new business model – as unique as your company.

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The Internet of Things (here's a short explanation) offers many opportunities. By connecting our products and machines we can learn more about the environment they are used in and the way our customers use them than ever before. Therefore we also learn much more about our customers.

A wide range of new business models is evolving in all industries. From significant improvements in customer service, to huge cost savings in production environments, to incredible revenue growth through completely new business models, i.e. pay per use instead of buying equipment. The first companies that change an industry and increase customer loyalty through new business models have significant long term advantages.


However, new business models have to be a fit for each individual company. Which of the many opportunities presented by the internet of things and digital transformation are right for you? How can you implement an Industry 4.0 project and manage its daily operations? That's what we are here for.


We help companies with the definition, implementation and operation of new business models based on the Internet of Things, to enable them to remain competitive in the long term and attain or retain market leadership.

industry 4.0, digitalisation, sensor technology

Which business model is right for your company? Let's find out. Email us at or call us at +49 2132 5100160. We jointly develop solutions that will give you and your company a head start.


Connected Business Models - as unique as your company.